Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So we've been thinking and we've neverbeen properly introduced... We've been known to go by many names Liblynn Newcia, Libby and Kai Lynn and now Sui Generis. What happens when the two of us get together? One couldn't even fathom. Too much in fact that we are now willing to share our vintage treasures and our interpretations on styling.

We're both virgos aka instafriends. After working together for a year, we decided to share with the world some of our special vintage pieces. With our powers combined we are SUI GENERIS! We provide an eco-friendly way to stand out from the crowd. Libby and Kai Lynn's keen eye and fashion background becomes e=mc†. Yes, we're full time jobbers, and Sui Generis is the ultimate dream. Much love.


lizkzook said...

2 Things:
First, Virgos kick ass! (I know, cause I am one)
Second, Wouldn't it be great if we could quit our full-time jobs so that we could full-time focus on what we really love?



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