Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bag Ladies

For us Saturday's are the ultimate day off. The first official day off. (sigh) You get to sleep in, in my case that is until 7 waking up to the sounds of animals being thrown out of a crib up against a wall, but the whole day is at your dispense. What better to do on this beautiful day than go on a mini roadtrip (50 minutes give or take) scavenger hunt so-to-speak. For us, it's not so much shopping that gets us going but the thrill of the hunt... the allure of what could be found.

And of course we found, floral overnight bags, sweet polka dots, childrens dresses reconstructed from what seems to be pillow cases and BAGS. Here are a few of the things we found most of which can be found FOR SALE at our ebay site...

The Perfect Saddle Bag
long adjustable strap. adorable floral inside. big enough for me to stick my wallet, cigs, liter, small camera, 4 lipsticks and phone. maybe a little more if you wanted. I don't have my tape measure so I would compare it to the size of a .... 4 pack charmin toilet paper. width and height are pretty much the same.
Over grown Coin purse
This is for the girl with the lighter load. While lighter than some girls mine just isn't light enough for this. I have a wallet that could double as a clutch though and that is why this doesn't work out for me. Opposite of the above purse, floral on the outside black on the in. This guy could fit a small wallet or id holder, cigs lighters, less lipstick and your phone.

Briefcase Bag.
I would say this guy is about an inch wider and taller than the saddle bag listed about but can store many more items. Has six seperate comparments the first two are in the very front, small storage you could put reciepts or small items in the front. The third is similar to the first two but, bigger. Then we have the structured clasped area shown in the last picture (above). It also has a coin or small item area. The last two are a general storal area with a coin zippered area as well. You can carry a ton of things and still be organized about it.

This is Briefcase bags little brother... Baby. Miniature things are always so charming and irresistable to me. This guy is about 10x8 or so. (i just held it up to an 8x10 picture frame to compare.) cigs, small wallet, phone, small camera, two lipsticks and a pocket mirror could fit in here. The long strap can be taken off and carried by the top just-big-enough-for-your-hand strap.

The "so awesome it makes you talk like a valley girl" rockabilly envelope bag. LIKE OMG. Seriously though, this bag pretty much speaks for its self. I could carry everything I need to in there which you should know what that is by now, any time any place. Dare me.
If you have ANY questions or comments on items about. or comments or questions any general all are welcome. HOPE YOU ENJOYED the first Vintage Forward post ever. many more to come.
In the next week you can watch out for... Chain Chain Chaaaiiins, Romper talk, and Flowers have staying power because, well, they do.
I'm done over hyphenating and comma'ing today.